Tuesday 5 November 2013

Canungra Cup Task#1

After over 950 km drive  to Canungra on Thursday night I was ready to fly first task in my life on Saturday. Task looked short, only 41 km but all the way into the head wind. I was granted with number 83 for starters and this was my order number during first day. Almost last one.

Unfortunately the wind was picking up as the day was progressing and I had to face 15knots headwind. After launch I easily found a thermal and climbed to the top of it. It was a blue day with no clouds. With gliding ratio between 2.5-3 on the full bar I was trying to get somewhere. Every time I made some distance I had to drift back with the thermal in order to climb again.

After two hours I made 15km and the wind picked up even more. I was basically parked over the ridge. Finally I landed next to the retrieve bus waiting for me for over 30 min.

This is how my flight looked like:

Wind dummy:

Passion ready to fly:

Camp site:

And delicious dinner in local pub:

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