Wednesday 29 May 2013

Camden sunset with Brett

A few days ago I have flown sunset with Brett in Camden. We took off when there was still a bit of the wind which made it easier. Nice fight in calm weather conditions. I have gone a bit far down South and it was getting late. Fortunately Synthesis in a very fast with fully open trimmers.

wasp paramotor ready to fly

Paramotoring over NSW

Flying over Camden

Paramotoring over Australia

Flying paramotor

Wasp paramotor pictures

Saturday 25 May 2013

Reflex wing landing

It took me a few bad landings to figure out how to slow down the reflex wing on the final approach.
Here is what I do flying my Synthesis:

1) Set up the final leg of the approach
2) Stabilize the flight ~15m above the ground
3) Engine off
4) Get off the harness (hanging position)
5) Hands up - the descent speed and forward speeds are pretty high
6) About 1m above the ground start slowing down the descent
7) Fly parallel to the ground as low as possible (gradually apply the brakes)
8) When the brakes are half way of their travel range and I am still flying pretty fast I apply the brakes rapidly to the 'hands down' position and hold it
9) Wing creates a bit of lift force (little ascend) and stalls

Point number 8 transforms the kinetic energy of the fast flying glider into potential energy (applying the brakes rapidly makes you climb a bit at the very last moment)

Here is a video of me landing (thanks Mitsi):

Lukasz Landing - Sandon Point, Bulli from Mark Mitsos on Vimeo.

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Trip to Hill 60 from Woonona


The plan was very ambitious. We wanted to fly 100km trip (4 pilots) along the coast. Because of the southerly wind it was impossible. Next time...
Instead of this I have flown nice trip to Hill 60 and back with Sean. Return leg of the flight was with trimmers fully open because of the rain on the horizon. Synthesis is super stable in this configuration and I felt like unnecessary load hanging below the canopy.
Luckily the rain stated when I was fully packed and ready to go. Sean was not so lucky but we were happy after the flight anyway.

Sean over Kiama:

Paramotoring in Kiama NSW

Paramotors ready to fly:
Paramotors in Sydney area

Sean over Woonona beach:
Paramotoring over the beach

and Sean in front of the Wollongong Marina:
Powered paragliding over the Wollongong

Wollongong Marina:
Aerial photography australia

Wollongong Marina lighthouse:
paramotoring over marina wollongong

Port Kembla coal industry:
Paragliding over the coal in NSW

A wreck in the water:
Paragliding over the wrecks

Port Kembla:
Paramotoring over port kembla

And Sean approaching Hill 60:
Sean flying his Nucleon WRC

Time to come back:
Dudek sythesis and wasp paramotor over Port Kembla

Paragliding in Sydney

Rain on the horizon:
Fully opened trimmers on Dudek Synthesis

Flying over port kembla

Paramotoring over the coal in wollongong

Wollongong marina and the wedding:
Paragliding in Wollongong

Flying over Wollongong

The rain is very close to take off site:
Dudek synthesis and WASP paramotor

Friday 17 May 2013

Camden thermalling

Last Sunday I tried thermalling when flying my Synthesis with paramotor. It feels different in comparison to free flying mostly because there is more weight (additional paramotor) hanging lower then usual (high hang points in Wasp).
Nevertheless it was more fun then I expected. At some points I had 3.5m/s up with engine on the idle which in non-thermal conditions means 1.7m/s down. Pretty strong thermals as for this time of the day (it was 15:30 when the sunset is at 17:10). After about an hour flight the wind picked up and I had almost no forward speed with trimmers fully closed. Opening trimmers solved the problem and I could continue my flight.

This time GoPro was hanging below the canopy:

GoPro hanging below the canopy of Synthesis

Paramotoring in Sydney area

WASP paramotoring over the Sydney neighberhood

Flying paramotor over New South Wales

Friday 10 May 2013

Camden flying movie


I have put together a movie from flying with Brett over the weekend two weeks ago. Enjoy!

2013/04/27-28 Sunset flights in Camden from lukastu on Vimeo.

Thursday 2 May 2013

Camden Sunset flight with Brett


Last Saturday I have flown Camden South with Brett. We decided to fly sunset rather then sunrise this time. I was a bit concerned about the thermals late in the evening and the turbulence caused by it.
I arrived to the site at 1500 and it took me an hour to get in the air. I carefully checked the paramotor, wing and chatted with some random people on the parking. Brett arrived at 1530 with fully assembled motor attached to the bicycle rack. Good idea!
I also borrowed Lumix DMC-FT4 from my friend Rick to test it in the air. I took a couple of videos and pictures. Very handy, small camera.
In the air it was very smooth, almost no turbulence at all. Sun was setting, it was warm and we did a couple of kilometers with Brett. I have spend 80 minutes in the air and landed right after the sun disappeared. Such a nice and effortless flight.
Once I have a bit of spare time I will edit GoPro and Lumix videos.

WASP, Synthesis and Falcon:

Lukasz Studniarz flying in Sydney area

Brett setting up:
Setting up wasp paramotor and my synthesis

Paramotoring over Sydney area

Happy days in the air:
Dudek Synthesis and WASP are keeping me in the air

Brett cruising along:
Brett flying this Nirvana Rodeo down low

Me above and back in relation to Brett paramotoring

Nice contrast on the ground:
Flying Sydney area with paramotor and seeing nice views

My dudek synthesis 25 keeping me airborn

Brett over soccer game:
Soccer game below us when paramotoring

And over the fields:
Brett flying along

Paramotoring NSW with Brett

Sun is going down:
Watching a sunset from the air - unforgettable

Random picture of the throttle and my glove:
Flying over the NSW state of Australia

Red skies:
Sydney area sunset seeing from the air

Time to pack the gear and go:
It started getting dark quickly so I had to pack the paramotor.