Friday 28 February 2014

Synthesis freeflying

I don't have a speed wing and to be honest I don't like flying speedwings, too much rolling and swinging...blahhh
But when the wind is a bit too strong for my normal wing I take out Synthesis from the bag and I can fly with speedwings and hangies. With trimmers off the speed gives safety margin and nice descent rate for top landings.
The other day Ovy was with me on the hill so she took some pictures. Enjoy!

Friday 21 February 2014

Sunrise flying

Recently I started enjoying early morning flights to collect points to paramotor xcontest Australian edition.
This time I launched at 06:05 and  the thermals started kicking at 07:10am. I got nice climbs 1.5m/s up at 07:30am over Camden. Instability rulez!
A couple of these helped me save the fuel. On average wasp is burning 4L/h when flying Synthesis on full closed trimmers. I have to perform some testing and see what trimmers configuration is more fuel/time efficient.

Friday 14 February 2014

Tandem flying again

A couple days ago we had chance to fly again. After adjusting Ovy's harness she could sit properly and was very comfortable. A couple of bumps in the air made it more attractive and adventurous. After all very nice flight and a lot of fun!

Friday 7 February 2014

67km FAI triangle

I decided to enter Chris Atkinson trophy online contest (link).

This is the first one of the flights which will put me high in the rank (I hope...).
Very early morning launch, there was no wind and the field was only 120m long. I managed to launch on the 4th attempt. Running with 10L of the fuel is not easy. Fortunately Wasp's 16hp is enough to lift me of the ground on the Synthesis without issues once the wing is correctly inflated. Then tight turn to avoid powerlines and we are on the course.   
During the flight I hit rain twice, once only a couple of drops, and the other time over Camden my flight-suit get wet. Very enjoyable flight in morning air. The sky was overcasted so even at 8am there was no thermal activity. 68km flown in 113 minutes and 8L of the fuel was burned. I took some pictures from the birds point of view - enjoy!