Monday 31 March 2014

PPG over the beaches

I woke up early only to discover showers over my standard triangle route. I had to change my plans and decided to go to the beach for early morning flight. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to enjoy the sunrise but it was great to be back in the air. Paramotor is running without any issues. Nil wind launches are becoming easier to me since I am performing them pretty ofter. Almost an hour flight, happy faces, waving hands and calm air. It was good beginning of the day!

Friday 21 March 2014

Sunny weather, happy faces - a.k.a tandem flying

When Ovy finished her work early that day I didquick weather check and we were on our way to Stanwell. It was a bit gusty on the launch but with Murat's help we managed to take off safely. We didn't cross the ridge line yet and the strong dynamic lift pulled us up. 'Nice' I thought. This was the first time I have cross the Hell Hole to the north on the tandem. Beauty of the raw nature of this side of the cliffs made huge impression on Ovy. It was a good reminder for me how beautiful this site is - after tones of solo flights there I didn't notice it anymore. Sadly. When we come back to launch site the ocean was white capping which is a sign that the wind is getting pretty strong and it is time for landing. We found plenty of lift far far over the water. Smooth and safe landing on the sand was a nice end of this flight. Another 35 minutes of airtime sharing this beautiful sport. 

Friday 14 March 2014

Manilla long weekend

Weather is looking go so we are going to Manilla! ...

Well...we were meant to be there 8 days but the weather pattern changed and we were there only 3 days. For two days Manilla was blown out and finally on Tuesday we could fly. Blue thermals with relatively strong wind was a good practice before the competition in Canungra. When I was flying, Ovy was cooking Indonesian chicken curry with noodles. It is so good to have delicious dinner after flying... We did also a bit of ground handling at the end of day two just to refresh the habits. Beautiful sunsets, thunderstorms, excellent company and long drive made this trip!

Friday 7 March 2014

Paramotoring in Woonona again

Very warm, spring day was an opportunity to fly paramotor at Woonona again.
My engine and exhaust are fixed and work perfectly again. About an hour flight with Tony down south to Wollongong Marina and back against strong headwind. Full reflex solved this problem.
GoPro was placed on top of the cage which resulted with pictures from new perspective.