Thursday 31 January 2013

First paramotoring in 2013!


Last weekend I had a chance to get back to paramotoring. I went to the site about 6pm, checked the motor and the wing. After almost two months of staying untouched in my friends garage the paramotor started from the very first pull. Very enjoyable flight along the beaches to Stanwell Park and back to Wollongong marina. Approximately one hour in the air. The sun was setting painting water and sand in warm colours.

Plenty of accessories are to be mounted  for the next flying but... one step at the time. These are:
  • chase camera
  • additional camera attached to the cage
  • GPS with LK8000 software
  • choke to start the engine in the air
  • mirror to let me check level of the fuel
I also tested how fast I can climb on max throttle - it is 1.4 m/s with trimmers fully closed.
It is not much, but the wing is a bit small for me.  I have to perform some more testing next time when the scenery will not be that spectacular!! ;)

I had neither gopro nor canon so here is just one picture after landing.

Paramotoring in Woonona down south from Sydney on Synthesis 25 and WASP paramotor.

Friday 18 January 2013

2013/01/13 Back in Stanwell!


After one month holidays back in Europe I eventually flown Stnawell again. Feels so good to be back and to see all mates again.
I did only one flight about 15 minutes because the wind was dying and the rain was coming.

My new flying suit :

Jason in the air:

First breath of Sigma in 2013:

Mitsi after landing:

Monday 7 January 2013

2012/12 Paramotoring in Woonona (dolphins!)


Almost month ago I have flown Wonnona down to Wollongong and return. It was pretty cold up there, I did 50km in 102 minutes. The wind was a bit northerly so it was easier to go to Wollongong then coming back to Woonona. Wollongong industrial harbor looks impressive from the air. Especially massive coal storage. Someone was flying hill 60 on greenish wing. I took tall chimney as a turn point. On the way back I met wild dolphins. Amazing experience. I did a few low passes above them. Hope you can spot them in the movie.

Turn on the speakers and enjoy!

2012/12/12 PPG 50km return, dolphins! Woonona/Wollongong from lukastu on Vimeo.

Thursday 3 January 2013

My method to simpify preflight check


This method is not a revolution but it is very easy and is simplifying preflight check a lot.

I bought red nail color. Then I made sure that all screws are properly tightened. Next step was to paint the screws, nuts and bases with one line.

Now it is easy to see if the nuts or bolts has changed its position. Crack on the paint can suggest that something bad has started happening  and this particular screw require special attention.

To get rid of the paint just use a bit of fuel on a fiber and wash it out. 

This is how I simplified the preflight check in my paramotor.

All screws were painted with nail colour to simplify preflight check in paramotoring.