Thursday 3 January 2013

My method to simpify preflight check


This method is not a revolution but it is very easy and is simplifying preflight check a lot.

I bought red nail color. Then I made sure that all screws are properly tightened. Next step was to paint the screws, nuts and bases with one line.

Now it is easy to see if the nuts or bolts has changed its position. Crack on the paint can suggest that something bad has started happening  and this particular screw require special attention.

To get rid of the paint just use a bit of fuel on a fiber and wash it out. 

This is how I simplified the preflight check in my paramotor.

All screws were painted with nail colour to simplify preflight check in paramotoring.

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  1. Hi, The technique has been around since the Wright brothers (-: but good to mention it as there are so many paramotor flyers who have not had proper instruction.