Thursday 28 March 2013

Sunrise flight photos

Eventually I had time to pick and edit the best pictures from the sunrise flight in Camden the other day. Enjoy!

Paramotoring in Sydney area

Paramotoring around Sydney Wollongong and Camden

Paragliding PPG in Sydney

Australian mists seen from paramotoring

Paramotoring in Australia sunrise

Lukasz Studniarz Paramotoring  Australia

Paramotoring in Camden Synthesis

Paramotoring in Sydney area with WASP paramotor

Paramotoring over Camden with brett

paramotor sunrise flight NSW

Paramotoring over Camden with some big birds

Red sky when paramotoring sunrise

PPG flight sunrise

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Beach paramotoring the other day...

Tony send me a few pictures from flying the other day over the NSW beaches.

That was warm and sunny weekend. Nil wind made the launches difficult.

Inflating the glider:
Inflafing the glider on full throttle power

One more step...
One more step and I was airbone paramotoring in Sydney

Discussions with spectators:

Never ending discussions with spectators, nice atmosphere.

Tony's Reflection and me:
Photo taken by Tony of me cruising along with him

Cruising along the coast:
Rear view at me in the flight
Thank you Tony!

Friday 22 March 2013

SIV course completed

Last week I have done my first SIV course with Craig Taylor. Craig explained every maneuver in detail on the first day. Great atmosphere in between the pilots made this trip. I did four flights, every single one was exciting and I have learn a lot.

Enjoy the movie from my maneuvers, starting with 50% collapse and ending with full stalls on my own. So much fun!

SIV March 2013 from lukastu on Vimeo.

P.S. Time to change my Sigma to something more dynamic!

Monday 18 March 2013

Camden last Sunday

The previous Sunday Camden was visited by 8 paramotor pilots (including myself). I had nice 1h 20min flight and landed just before the first thermals started bubbling.
It was the first time for me when so many of us meet in one place and have flown together. In between us there was one trike pilot. Huge variety of wings and paramotors was an opportunity to exchange experiences. Unfortunately my GoPro freeze after take off and I have no pictures from that flight. Just one picture below showing a few machines before take off (about 8am). That was awesome flying, thanks guys!

8 paramotor pilots meet up for a morning flight in Camden. Awesome flying!

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Sunrise flight in Camden

Last Friday I decided to have a sunrise paramotor flight in Camden. In order to be in the air about 06:20 am (sunrise at 06:40) I had to get up at 04:30 am. It was easier than I thought.
At the launch site grass was wet and slippery. In the movie below you can see how long was the take off run. Synthesis eventually lifted me gently and I was able to start the climb. It was a great flight with beautiful views and morning mists. I landed about 8 am and the day was just about to start. 

Enjoy the movie below:

Morning mists in Camden march 2013 from lukastu on Vimeo.

Sunday 10 March 2013

Weekend flight in Woonona

Light breeze from the north (about 4-5 knots) was good enough to encourage me to have a flight in Woonona.
After take off the wind was much stronger at the higher altitudes so I struggled going north. Coming back was very quick though. It was nice to be back in the air after a short break.
I adjusted the position of tip steering balls in my Synthesis. This was set up to low hang points and I had problems with reaching them during the flight. Now it is much easier and more intuitive.

Enjoy the pictures from chase camera:

Take off:

Northern turn point:

Bellambi Point in the background:


Tuesday 5 March 2013

LK8000 GPS software

The same day as I was flying with chase camera I tested LK8000 software installed on Mio M400 GPS device.
Mio display is pretty well seen in the sun under proper angle. I customized its options to have all the parameters that I need clearly seen at the first sight.
Flying with GPS is fun, I tested setting up the turn points etc. to get to know this software.
Later on this year I plan to participate in XContest online paramotor competition so I will need LK8000 working properly with spare power in the pocket.
So far just a simple flight track from over the beaches of this short 23 minutes flight.

Lukasz Studniarz flying over Sydney beaches with Synthesis Dudek and LK8000 software