Wednesday 27 February 2013

Saturday flying

Saturday was one of these days when you just want to fly... warm, sunny with a good company.
Almost no breeze made take offs very difficult. Especially preparing for take off in 41 degrees Celsius was demanding.
Up in the air we had pleasant 21 C. I have flown 5 times with chase camera.
There were rowing competitions on the beach with plenty of colorful tents, people waving and smiling...
A few memories from that day:

Inflating the glider:

Inflating the glider during take off Dudek Synthesis

Flying above surfers:
Surfers ready to catch the wave around sydney area

Step to heaven:
One more step and I was in the air

Pool with free entrance:
People in the pools by the beach in Sydney area

Sunbathing people:
People were smiling and waving that day

Aboriginal houses:
Aboriginal houses clearly seen when flying paramotor

In a turn:
Turn point and time to come back home

Rowing competitions:
Rowing competitions seen from the air when paramotoring

People enjoying beautiful day on the beach:
Amazing views when paramotoring above Wollongong beaches

Saturday 16 February 2013

Paramotoring along the beaches with chase camera


Today I flew paramotor with Tony along the beaches. Light breeze made the take offs easier.
I decided to test the chase camera. All together we have flown for about 3 hours today and GoPro was taking a picture every 5s. I ended up having 2000+ pictures to go through. 9 the best shots you can see below with the descriptions. The chase camera is stable in the air. I have to improve the angle a bit more but it is better then I expected so far. Because it is attached to the wing tip it is causing the tendency to turn which can be overcome by opening the trimmers.

This was beautiful, sunny and warm day with plenty of flying. I am tired but happy.

Take off:

Take off with Synthesis and chase camera

Cruising along with Tony:
Chase camera and Lukasz Flying along the beach

Surfers on the beach:
Low flying along the beach and surfers in the south of Sydney

300m altitude on the way back from Stanwell:
Flying on 300m just in case the engine would cut off

People on the beach are very friendly. Everyone is waving:
People waving on the ground to us flying

Low flying along the water. I like this picture because of Synthesis' colorful reflection in the wet sand:
Nice reflection in the wet sand when flying low

The waves crashing on the rocks and Tony in the background:
Crashing waves on the rocks in Sydney area seen from chase camera

Paramotor landing of Lukasz Studniarz in Sydeny area

And the author happy after last landing:
Lukasz Studniarz happy after flying

Thursday 14 February 2013

Stanwell soaring with chase camera

On Wednesday evening I had chance to test the chase camera prototype.
I was a bit worried how it is going to behave in the air so I took reserve with me.
As I took off the camera was surprisingly stable without tendency to get into the lines. I did not try any wingovers. GoPro was set to take a photo every 5s. so I ended up having heaps of pictures.
All of them were pretty much the same because I have flown the south (short) ridge of Stanwell.
After all I am very satisfied with the result. Just have to change the angle of the camera to point it a bit higher over the horizon. 

Testing new chase camera with GoPro mounted in Stanwell

Chase camera of Lukasz Studniarz flown in Stanwell close to Sydney

Sunday 10 February 2013

Sunrise paramotor flight


Yesterday I got a call and was asked if I am keen to fly tomorrow at the very morning. Of course I was.
I was meant to be at Prospect Reservoir (ca 40km west from Sydney) at 0700.
At this time five pilots including me were on the site. We all spread our wings and warmed up the motors.
There were two trikes and three foot launch paramotors in between us. I took photo camera with me to the air. So much fun with nice light conditions.
The flight was very pleasant with a few small bumps which Synthesis handled without any problems. I basically did one huge circle around the reservoir. Pilots were everywhere. Beautiful view at Sydney sky-scarpers on the horizon was a great reward for getting up so early on Sunday.
After one hour I decided to land because the sun had already warmed up the launching site and I wanted avoid bumpy (thermal) landing since the area is all grey/black. Nil wind landing was a bit fast as usual but I touched down without any issues.
It was great to meet new pilots flying paramotors in Sydney area. Plenty of pictures from today. Enjoy!

Sydney's skyscrapers on the horizon:

Sydney morning view on the skyscrapers on the horizon

Nucleon in the air:

Nucleon in the sun during morning flight in Sydney

Tony with Nirvana & U-Turn reflex wing:
Tony warming up his paramotor from Nirvana and u-turn reflex wing

Sunday 3 February 2013

Chasing camera prototype


When being back home I had chance to use my Dad's workshop.

I found plenty of tutorials in the internet showing chasing camera DIY for paragliding purposes.

I decided to use different ideas to make chasing camera as simple as possible.

In my version you can set two angles of the camera. The funnel is 2L Sprite bottle used.

The rest is pretty well seen in the pictures.

Pretty well seen how the funnel is attached to the rest of the chaing camera

Length of the line depends on the length of your glider lines
GoPro with attached funnel and line to it. Ready to go!

Making holes is critical to make the chasing camera stable

Hopefully I will be able to try it out very soon!