Sunday 25 November 2012

Free flying and team paramotoring

Saturday, the 24th of November looked very promising In the forecast.
Stanwell Park (Bald Hill) seemed to be working for the whole day. Unfortunately the wind turned northerly in the middle of the day so a few of us decided to go paramotoring in Woonona. It was good to get to know other paramotor pilots from Sydney area.
Soaring in Stanwell was good, smooth and pleasant at the beginning. Then the more northerly the winds become, the less lifty and more turbulent it was. Bubbling thermals were not helping as well.
Paramotoring was great. We took a trip down south to Wollongong and back. Very nice one hour flight.
I had to replace one of the muffler holders in my paramotor because during the flight one of them cracked.
Fortunately I had spare one.

Here is a video from that day:

Free flying and team paramotoring from lukastu on Vimeo.

Mark Mitsos is presenting reverse take off in Stanwell Park

Uturn Passion SM size during the flight in Stanwell Park Australia

Uturn Passion can do wingovers as well in Stanwell Park

You can meet a lot of people during the weekend in Stanwell Park including family trips.

One of the hangies flying above me in Stanwell Park

Hang glider pilot was enjoying this beautiful weather in Stanwell Park as well

Grandient branded paraglider in Stanwell Park flying toward the ocean.

UP Kantega during the top landing approach in Stanwell Park

Information about the danger in Stanwell Park when pilots are operating

Very high landing approach in Stanwell Park during top landing.

Paraglider and hang glider pilots sharing the space and fun in the air in Stanwell Park

Wednesday 21 November 2012

A lot of fun in Stanwell Park


My last visit to Stanwell Park was full of fun.
I have tried to fly Omega 8 (Thanks Toni!), U-turn Passion and podharness (thanks Mitsi!).
I enjoyed Passion much more then Omega but I was a bit more scared on Omega since it is EN D.
Pod harness makes a real difference in flying comfort - it feels so warm inside... need to get one sometime.
I had opportunity to practice top landings, take offs and a bit of thermalling.
Bottom landing next to the kiosk reminded me how to setup a proper landing approach.
At the end of the day Stanwell Paragliding and Hang Gliding Club sponsored barbecue. Luckily we have chefs in between the pilots so steaks were awesome!

Only two minutes movie since I tried to make it more dynamic then the previous ones. Enjoy!

2012/11/18 Having fun in Stanwell (AU) from lukastu on Vimeo.

Saturday 17 November 2012

2012/11/11 Woonona Paramotoring


The Saturday the 10th of November was very enjoyable.
I spent the whole day in Woonona. In the morning I had nice paramotor flight about 10am when the wind was not too strong. In the air I realised that the wind has picked up and the landing was with zero ground speed (trimmers fully closed, my mistake).
Next few hours I spend on the beach walking, swimming in the ocean and sunbathing. I had plenty of time to do total pre/post flight check of my paramotor. Everything was good.
In the afternoon when the wind has dropped again I had three paramotor flights. Very nice scenery, warm air, sun, ocean and friendly people made this day.
Eventually tired but very happy I was on my way back to Sydney about 8pm.

2012/11/10 PPG in Woonona from lukastu on Vimeo.

Me putting together the paramotor:
Myself putting together paramotor WASP and Synthesis paraglider

Paramotor ready to go, Synthesis in the background:
Paramotoring PPG in Woonona the whole day with WASP paramotor

South Woonona beach:
Very nice views from the paramotor paraglider over Woonona

Woonona swimming pool, parking and taking-off site:
Wasp paramotor and Lukasz Studniarz over Woonona NSW Australia

Beautiful beach:
Beach and rescure crew flags seen from paramotor wasp and synthesis paraglider piloted by Lukasz Studniarz in NSW Australia

Another picture of Woonona swimming pool B&W this time:
Swimming pool in Woonona seen from the paramotor wasp and dudek synthesis wing piloted by Lukasz Studniarz in NSW Australia

Friday 9 November 2012

2012/11/10 Stanwell Park Soaring

Here is a short movie from last flying in Stanwell Park. At the end of the day beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky.

2012/11/04 Stanwell Park soaring from lukastu on Vimeo.

Hang Glider wing which belong to richard at take off

Stanwell flying in the low hanging clouds on Saturday

Mark (Mitsi) flying his new pod harness and uturn passion wing

Stanwell Park right after thunderstorm

Awesome rainbow appeared at the end of the day

Monday 5 November 2012

2012/11/03 Paramotoring in Wonnona


Last Saturday I had opportunity to fly my paramotor in Wonnona. The wind was not strong enough to fly Stanwell cliffs so I decided to have a go with PPG. Wonnona site is only a few minutes drive from Stanwell Park.
Great thanks to Tony for advices and tips related to this site. The flight was about 20 minutes long but very pleasant over the NSW' beaches.

A few pictures taken by Tony and Tony's friend. Thanks a lot!

Very interesting spot indeed!

New passenger on the back seat ;)