Friday 8 November 2013

Canungra Cup task 2

Task Committee decided to set up 66km task with two turn points. Most of the way was with side/down wind component.

We launched from Beechmont. First few kilometres I stick with  Skywalk Cayenne sharing thermals and looking for them on the glide. The beginning was across few small valleys then long flatlands, another ridge line and flats again. I decided to stay conservative, fly high and slow. After first turn point I made a mistake and I went for a glide of hope over huge shadow. I should have gone more off the course but to the sunny place.

Firstly the clouds were working and I was pretty happy with it but when I get below 1300m AGL I hit sink which put me on the ground.  The cloud bases were at 2300m ASL and the airspace was at 2590m ASL. After safe landing I didn't have to wait long for the retrieve bus. Well organised service and beautiful scenery to fly in.

I didn't make the goal but I was pretty happy after the flight.Personal best up to this day - 55km and 2h 40 min in the air.


Guys are getting ready for the task:

And one by one we are launching:

Waiting for the retrieve:

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