Tuesday 30 April 2013

WASP exhaust modification

Very annoying thing about the WASP paramotor which I own was that the rivets which keep together the muffler and exhaust kept breaking and the exhaust become loose. As far as I know there were only two models of WASP with this problem. One of them is mine. I tried replacing rivets but it did not solve the problem permanently.
I decided to modify this part and use bolts instead of the rivets. The tricky part was to assembly it all together because there is no way to get inside the muffler to hold the nuts when tightening the bolts. 
I used different type of nuts which 'locked' themselves against the exhaust face when tightening the bolt. In order to keep them in place at the very beginning of tightening I used CA (SuperGlue). 
After all I can tighten the bolts before every flight and easily check them.

The pictures should explain everything:

Exhaust dissembled:
Replacing rivets with bolts in WASP paramotor

Nuts and SuperGlue:
Lukasz Studniarz WASP paramotor owner

Everything in place:
WASP paramotor modification finished

Saturday 27 April 2013

Woonona with Mitsi, Sean and Tony

Recently I had nice three flights in Woonona.
The seabreeze was light and from east/north east so the take offs were easy. New propeller mount works great as well as muffler screws. First flight was the shortest one since I wanted to test if everything is working fine again. It was fine, so I started the engine and had another two proper flights.
One of them was to the Wollongong marina with two Nucleons WRC. One of them was Sean and the other one was Tony. Mitsi was keeping an eye on us from the ground.
I am getting better at reflex wing landings so the touchdown is not as fast as it was before. My GoPro was not working properly so I took a few pictures with my mobile phone on the ground.

My Synthesis 25 and WASP:

Tony's demo Nucleon WRC:

From left hand side: Tony, Sean and Mitsi:


That was a beautiful day!

Wednesday 17 April 2013

New props and accessories arrived

Eventually after a few weeks I received new propellers and a few more accessories.
In order to simplify the assembly of the paramotor I ordered quick propeller mount for 500PLN (c.a. $150) and since the air filter was very loose I got new one from Walter (the airaction.pl paragliding school owner and WASP producer). One prop was free as the warranty and I bought the second one just in case.

Lukasz Studniarz paragliding tandems sydney propeller mount

four half propellers, air filter and quick propeller mount

Lukasz Studniarz and his paramotor parts

New propellers Lukasz Studniarz paragliding sydney

Saturday 13 April 2013

Stanwell soaring


Since I am still waiting for the props I am making use of Stanwell soaring as much as I can. The other day I tried new angle of the chase camera looking more forward. That was a nice day with over then two hours of soaring and the trip a few kilometers further north then usual.

A few shots from the actual capture:

Lukasz Studniarz soaring in Stanwell tandems

tandem pilot in stanwell soaring

Lukasz Studniarz soaring tandem paragliding pilot

chase camera the best solution for now on

Sunday 7 April 2013

Broken prop, soaring in stanwell, rainbow


It has been quite quiet recently here. It is because there has been not much flying but:

Beautiful sunsets in Stanwell...

Rainbow in Dtanwell in the end of the non-flyable day:

Some good soaring days:

Broken prop just before the Easter:

And some adjustments to harness and home-made harness pod by my Mum:

Now two propellers are on the way. I should get them by the end of this week.

I also found another flying spot very close to my home. Cannot wait to fly it!