Friday 22 November 2013

Canungra Task 5

The sky looked great in the morning. The last day of the competition and everybody was hoping to fly short, fast task. Task committee had different idea and set up 79km headwind task. I didn't believe that I can make it. During the flight XCSoar was showing the message "Expected arrival after sunset"... pretty funny ;)
It was gusty on the launch and some pilots had problems when bringing the wings up. First few kilometers were very very slow, I didn't really want to go forward because of huge blue hole on the way to the turnpoint. Most of pilots did the same and we hanged out together at the cloudbase. Then the task did speed up and the gaggle split into 5 smaller ones. I was lucky again having 2 low saves. Amazing scenery along the dam on the way to Boonah.
The last climb which I took was over Mt. French (9km to the goal). When GPS showed that I am above the final glide I still didn't believe that. I took the last thermal all the way to the base and went on the long, 8km final glide. Sun was getting low, beautiful colors and mountains around me. Amazing final glide of glory. Very enjoyable. This was a long fight but I made it.
When I landed I was dehydrated, hungry and extremely happy. The flight was 5h30min. I learned a lot. I am hooked.

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