Thursday 25 July 2013

EC Extreme introduced new throttle handles

Paramotor Throttle handle

ECExtreme has introduced new throttle handle

New paramotor throttle handle

 New design is useful and can be used by both left and right handed pilots. Transition from one side to the other is as simple as readjustment of the holding strap.

Additionally the number of inner cables has been reduced to one. Now the outer part works also as the ground.

Spare cable can be used  to plug RPM meter or other devices.

Paramotoring reviews of the throttle handle

New shape is comfortable and easy to play with for pilots with either big or small hands.

Nice and easy adjustable paramotor handle

The price for new throttle is ~$150 USD (450 PLN)

Just arrived to Leszek house

The kill switch is mounted in easily reachable place during the flight as well as on the ground.

New easy adjustable paramotor handle

Once new owner took care of the business, EC Extreme is working to improve pilots safety. Also website is being updated on more frequent basis.

EC Extreme
Very easy to use paramotor throttle handle

This article is a translation of Leszek's article.