Monday 28 October 2013

Flying R10 in Stanwell

It was my first experience flying non-certified wing. Mitsi owned R10 and I really wanted to have a go on this one for a long time.

The wind was not strong enough to stay up at this time of the day so I decided to do a couple of passes along the ridge and land on the bottom. Light wind reverse launch and I am in the air. First thing which came to my mind - 'wow! this is what you call performance!'

Turning radius is pretty wide and I didn't want to spin the wing so I was playing with the brakes gently. After the last pass I ended up pretty low over the trees. If I would be on my Sigma 6 I would probably end up in the bushes. This time I put my faith into the wing and I arrived to the landing zone with the altitude to spare. 'Wow!' again. A second after smooth landing I felt that my back and palms are sweaty...

Thanks Mitsi for letting me fly this glider!

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