Tuesday 30 October 2012

2012/10/30 Stanwell Park soaring


During last few days I had some opportunity to fly Stanwell Park again. I did a bit of testing upon camera position mounted on the monopod.
Wind was not strong enough to stay in the air easily so I had chance to practice scratching and top landings since I was not interested in landing on the beach :)

A few pictures:

Gopro on minipod locked in harness pocket

GoPro on monopod in front of me

Having fun with sigma in Stanwell Park and Go Pro

Camera on monopod - picture taken from above me

GoPro in front of me on monopod in Stanwell Park

GoPro from between the lines when flying Sigma 6 in Stanwell Park

Stanwell Park paragliding slightly from back and above

Hanggies were flying with us

Stanwell Park paraglding shot taken with GoPro

Stanwell Park paragliding shot taken from GoPro mounted on monopod

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