Friday 19 October 2012

2011/02/28 Moorfoot (GB) soaring

Hi All,
Saturday and Sunday on MoorFoot.
I was there around 1p.m. according to Bobi's help - thank you! The wind was quite strong at the beginning but after 1 hour it was flyable. First of all I decided to try Bobi's Gradient Aspen 2. After Took off from over the road and had about 1,5 hour flight. I was trying to jump to the west to big mountains but couldn't manage.
I come there with Sergey - hang gliding pilot. We were first ones and it was blowing 20mph. After three hours of waiting the wind finally dropped down. During this time I had some ground handling with Lukasz's Advance Sigma 7. After this I have inflated my Fides2Evo and took off from the below the road. Quite a bit of scratching and I get to the top's hill height. Than I decided to go to the west to the higher hills. Being half way there I noticed that everybody is coming back from there and decided to follow them. Nice 12km flight.
A few lessons learned during this weekend :-)

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