Friday 19 October 2012

2011/02/13 TInto (GB) thermalling

Hi All,
Yesterday was an amazing day on the Tinto S.  When we came with Alan a west wind was blowing. Waiting for an hour provided us to a nice S breeze. Climbing to a half of hill's altitude and a piece of a good advice from David took another 40 minutes. Finally took off.  I decided to do the 3 turnpoints and then go XC. At first turnpoint in front of the Big Tinto  I had my first time with clouds - flying through, around, between and above. Unforgettable emotions. Next I have done the 2nd turnpoint, third and decided to go with Alan and David XC downwind. Before that I get as much altitude as I could using thermals mixed with soaring. We were flying 60+ km/h downwind. I was trying to catch up some thermals but it didn't worked. Finally I have landed on a nice green field. 18km XC with turnpoints. Fortunately Robert (Bobi) give us (me and Alan) a lift back to Alan's car. Awesome day out! And it is february - looking forward for more during the spring.

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