Friday 19 October 2012

2011/06/12 Szczyrk (PL) thermalling

Hi folks,

I have gone to Szczyrk (Southern Poland) to try out my new glider - Sigma 6, size M and 3 years old. I am quite light on this glider but as long as I am aware of this I am on the safe side. These were good thermic days. The last flight was amusing. As the only one I get to the cloudbase was soaring the cloud for the first day in my life. Unforgettable experience. After one hour three gliders from Bielsko Biala has arrived and we played around. After 3 h i get a bit cold so decided to land but the air was rised everywhere. You can always count on wingovers in terms of losing your altitude. New wing is heavier on the brakes than fides, and needs more attention in turbulence - but it is fun! I am really looking forward to fly it again :)

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