Friday 6 June 2014

New nice paramotor site

Not that far from my home, away from the Sydney CTR is a huge sport field which I spotted on the google earth and decided to try to fly from it. Light NW in the morning meant that flying on the beach is not safe so I went to the cricket field. Huge grassy area with take off possible in any direction was a nice surprise. I also tried my new Dudek windsock on a 3.4m fiberglass telescopic rod. Easy take off with no wind and after a few steps I was in the air. WRC is such a nice wing.
The biggest concern of mine about this site was that there is a bush everywhere so emergency landing can be tricky. Fortunately there are some grassy patches bush-free which should be suitable in case of the emergency. Flying today was kind of a dance between these grassy areas. Smooth air and beautiful sunrise were amazing. What a wonderful start of a working day!

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