Friday 30 May 2014

WRC free flying in Stanwell

A bit windy day at stanwell, hangies staying up and a couple of speedwings cruising along... Paraglider pilots were waiting for the wind to drop off but I decided to try WRC in these conditions. Gusty take off, but trimmers set to 5 reflex did all the work with the surge. Big collapse happened afterwards and I was not able to pump it for quite a bit. Finally it come out and I was able to turn and fly away. Ground handling training from the past helped a lot. In the air the wing is very rigid, I pulled the big ears and collapses on fully closed trimmers. The wing opens immediately and there is no turning tendency at all. Next time I have to try to pull 50% collapse and see what happens. With trimmers set to '0' I was not able to pull the collapse no matter how hard I was trying. I am impressed and I am slowly building trust in this wing. Toplanding is easy. 

Tony, thanks for the pictures.

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