Monday 23 December 2013

Orographic cloud flying

The same day when I had chance to try Mantra R10 an orographic cloud arrived to Stanwell and I had tasted this amazing experience. 

First I was a bit concerned about flying in the cloud, close to the ridge and with bunch of other pilots. Finally I decided to take off and try it. During the launch the take off was clear of clouds. A few minutes in the air I was not able to see the launch zone. Fortunately I had my compass and GPS so I could always find East which is away from the hill in Stanwell. Epic flying and scenery! I hope I will be able to do this again soon, very new sensations - I felt like the king :)

The wind picked up a bit and more clouds were coming but I didn't want to land on the bottom so I waited for the clear window to top land in between the clouds. A minute after I touched down when clouds closed the hole and we were in the wet fog again. 

 Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera with me... a few pictures below - thanks to John and Sean.

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