Monday 2 December 2013

Flying Icepeak 6

By courtesy of Mitsi I was able to try Icepeak 6. This is one of the top comp high-end EN-D gliders these days.
Once again a day with light wind was a good opportunity to try a new wing. Mitsi gave me a couple of advices (including take off). First two take-off attempts were unsuccessful due to cravat on the left wing-tip. Third attempt was al right and I was in the air. Over 10 passes along the ridge close to the cliffs and I hoped that I can topland this thing. At the same moment some other pilot launched. There was no way to get up no being close to the wall all the time. Smooth glide to over the landing zone and ... I am way too high. Wow, this thing can glide pretty well!  Icepean 6 has very short brake travel and is very responsive. I like that. I didn't know about the 'shark nose' technology before though when I looked up at the wing during the flight I  was a little bit surprised. Hope to fly the wing again soon!

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