Thursday 20 June 2013

Moster expansion chamber problem

Moster paramotor

Leszek Klich, webmaster of and experienced paramotor pilot has reported a problem with his Moster's expansion chamber. He found this issue during a preflight check. Luckily he did not get airborne with this.

A little crack is seen in the black circle:

Crack on Moster paramotor engine expansion chamber
Crack spotted on expansion chamber
This crack has appeared after about 60 hours of Moster's airtime.

Leszek used this smart tool to remove the springs holding the expansion chamber.

Paramotor Moster smart springs removal tool

The cause of the problem were vibrations. The weakened part was welded and polished carefully. After the painting was finished the expansion chamber was installed again.

Moster's expansion chamber has been fixed and installed on the paramotor again.

Do your preflight checks carefully. This one saved him at least a prop...

The author of this article is Leszek Klich.
The original version of the post can be found here

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