Wednesday 12 June 2013

Flying with G15


Flying with DSLR is not very handy, but I like the picture quality which comes with it. I was looking for some kind of compromise and decided to give Canon G15 a go.
I am surprised how good quality pictures I get with this camera. During last days of May I had chance to fly with it.
Enjoy a few pictures from the Sunday. From now on I will always fly with this camera. Relatively small, handy, taking nice pictures and records movies in full hd. You cannot ask for more for ~$350
DSLR is going to be sold on ebay...

My paramotor and glider ready to fly

Brett is about to take off

Brett inflating his glider

Brett is just about to lift off

Paramotoring in NSW

Brett flying his Nirvana rodeo

Brett flying with fields below

Paramotoring over beautiful NSW area

Paragliding above Picton

Picton paramotoring

Paramotoring in Picton

Beautiful paramotoring eveining

Brett flying in from of me

Brett paramotoring above Camden South

Paramotoring photography

Paramotoring over construction sites

Dudek synthesis above Picton

Paragliding over construction site

Interesting patterns from the air

Paramotoring sunset

Paragliding over Camden bypass

All gear ready to be packed

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