Friday 17 May 2013

Camden thermalling

Last Sunday I tried thermalling when flying my Synthesis with paramotor. It feels different in comparison to free flying mostly because there is more weight (additional paramotor) hanging lower then usual (high hang points in Wasp).
Nevertheless it was more fun then I expected. At some points I had 3.5m/s up with engine on the idle which in non-thermal conditions means 1.7m/s down. Pretty strong thermals as for this time of the day (it was 15:30 when the sunset is at 17:10). After about an hour flight the wind picked up and I had almost no forward speed with trimmers fully closed. Opening trimmers solved the problem and I could continue my flight.

This time GoPro was hanging below the canopy:

GoPro hanging below the canopy of Synthesis

Paramotoring in Sydney area

WASP paramotoring over the Sydney neighberhood

Flying paramotor over New South Wales

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