Thursday 2 May 2013

Camden Sunset flight with Brett


Last Saturday I have flown Camden South with Brett. We decided to fly sunset rather then sunrise this time. I was a bit concerned about the thermals late in the evening and the turbulence caused by it.
I arrived to the site at 1500 and it took me an hour to get in the air. I carefully checked the paramotor, wing and chatted with some random people on the parking. Brett arrived at 1530 with fully assembled motor attached to the bicycle rack. Good idea!
I also borrowed Lumix DMC-FT4 from my friend Rick to test it in the air. I took a couple of videos and pictures. Very handy, small camera.
In the air it was very smooth, almost no turbulence at all. Sun was setting, it was warm and we did a couple of kilometers with Brett. I have spend 80 minutes in the air and landed right after the sun disappeared. Such a nice and effortless flight.
Once I have a bit of spare time I will edit GoPro and Lumix videos.

WASP, Synthesis and Falcon:

Lukasz Studniarz flying in Sydney area

Brett setting up:
Setting up wasp paramotor and my synthesis

Paramotoring over Sydney area

Happy days in the air:
Dudek Synthesis and WASP are keeping me in the air

Brett cruising along:
Brett flying this Nirvana Rodeo down low

Me above and back in relation to Brett paramotoring

Nice contrast on the ground:
Flying Sydney area with paramotor and seeing nice views

My dudek synthesis 25 keeping me airborn

Brett over soccer game:
Soccer game below us when paramotoring

And over the fields:
Brett flying along

Paramotoring NSW with Brett

Sun is going down:
Watching a sunset from the air - unforgettable

Random picture of the throttle and my glove:
Flying over the NSW state of Australia

Red skies:
Sydney area sunset seeing from the air

Time to pack the gear and go:
It started getting dark quickly so I had to pack the paramotor.

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