Sunday 10 February 2013

Sunrise paramotor flight


Yesterday I got a call and was asked if I am keen to fly tomorrow at the very morning. Of course I was.
I was meant to be at Prospect Reservoir (ca 40km west from Sydney) at 0700.
At this time five pilots including me were on the site. We all spread our wings and warmed up the motors.
There were two trikes and three foot launch paramotors in between us. I took photo camera with me to the air. So much fun with nice light conditions.
The flight was very pleasant with a few small bumps which Synthesis handled without any problems. I basically did one huge circle around the reservoir. Pilots were everywhere. Beautiful view at Sydney sky-scarpers on the horizon was a great reward for getting up so early on Sunday.
After one hour I decided to land because the sun had already warmed up the launching site and I wanted avoid bumpy (thermal) landing since the area is all grey/black. Nil wind landing was a bit fast as usual but I touched down without any issues.
It was great to meet new pilots flying paramotors in Sydney area. Plenty of pictures from today. Enjoy!

Sydney's skyscrapers on the horizon:

Sydney morning view on the skyscrapers on the horizon

Nucleon in the air:

Nucleon in the sun during morning flight in Sydney

Tony with Nirvana & U-Turn reflex wing:
Tony warming up his paramotor from Nirvana and u-turn reflex wing

Nucleon - wingovers:
Nucleon doing wingovers over Sydney area

Trike with rotax engine and two magnetos:
Trike with rotax paramotoring

Nucleon and Paramania are leading:
Nucleon and paramania are leading this journey

 This was the biggest intersection on the southern hemisphere some time ago:

The biggest intersection on the southern hemisphere some time ago

Hanson Wallgrove Quarry:
Flying over hanson wallgrove quarry with synthesis

 Green&White trucks:
green and white trucks parked and spotted from the dudek synthesis in Sydney

Nucleon and Sydney:
Nucleon doing wingovers with the skyscrapers on the horizon

Rotax trike and paramania wing:
Paramania and rotax trike during low pass along the prospect reservoir

Dudek nucleon PPG in Sydney area

 Low passes:

Trike low passes before landing

Dudek nucleon low passes just before the landing

 Touch down:
Dudek nucleon landing with nil wind

After flight discussions:

Discussions after nice flying in the morning

WASP and Synthesis were as happy as I was ;)
Wasp paramotor and Dudek synthesis half packed to go

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