Wednesday 27 February 2013

Saturday flying

Saturday was one of these days when you just want to fly... warm, sunny with a good company.
Almost no breeze made take offs very difficult. Especially preparing for take off in 41 degrees Celsius was demanding.
Up in the air we had pleasant 21 C. I have flown 5 times with chase camera.
There were rowing competitions on the beach with plenty of colorful tents, people waving and smiling...
A few memories from that day:

Inflating the glider:

Inflating the glider during take off Dudek Synthesis

Flying above surfers:
Surfers ready to catch the wave around sydney area

Step to heaven:
One more step and I was in the air

Pool with free entrance:
People in the pools by the beach in Sydney area

Sunbathing people:
People were smiling and waving that day

Aboriginal houses:
Aboriginal houses clearly seen when flying paramotor

In a turn:
Turn point and time to come back home

Rowing competitions:
Rowing competitions seen from the air when paramotoring

People enjoying beautiful day on the beach:
Amazing views when paramotoring above Wollongong beaches

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