Sunday 7 June 2015

Dudek Hadron XX

Officially released Dudek Hadron XX is a reflex paramotor wing designed for experienced paramotor pilots. It is efficient, dynamic, fast and very responsive. Is has been designed to compete in conventional paramotor competitions, long cross-country flights, slaloms and thermal flights.

Like every modern paramotor wing Nucleon XX ha been designed as full reflex wing optimized for efficiency.

This is the first of Dudek wings which makes use of Aerodynamical Flaps System (AFS) - new concept of Dudek Paragliders which makes launching and landing very comfortable even on high altitudes.

Hadron XX is designated for experienced paramotor pilots with over 100h airtime  on reflex wings who are:

  • flying cross country
  • participating in classic paramotor competitions with big variety of pilot skills required: navigation, economy, precision)
  • loving thermalling in the form of the free-fly and paramotor

In the pictures you can see the current World Champion - Marcin Krakowiak flying Paraelement buggy Spyder Compact and Thor 250 (photographer: PaweĊ‚ „Lojak” Kozarzewski)

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