Friday 21 March 2014

Sunny weather, happy faces - a.k.a tandem flying

When Ovy finished her work early that day I didquick weather check and we were on our way to Stanwell. It was a bit gusty on the launch but with Murat's help we managed to take off safely. We didn't cross the ridge line yet and the strong dynamic lift pulled us up. 'Nice' I thought. This was the first time I have cross the Hell Hole to the north on the tandem. Beauty of the raw nature of this side of the cliffs made huge impression on Ovy. It was a good reminder for me how beautiful this site is - after tones of solo flights there I didn't notice it anymore. Sadly. When we come back to launch site the ocean was white capping which is a sign that the wind is getting pretty strong and it is time for landing. We found plenty of lift far far over the water. Smooth and safe landing on the sand was a nice end of this flight. Another 35 minutes of airtime sharing this beautiful sport. 

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