Friday 16 August 2013

Camden - trip to the west


Last weekend I had very nice flight with Brett to the west from Camden. Take off was difficult with nil wind... nil wind is not a problem but when it is very light and changing its direction every few seconds then it becomes tricky. Running like hell helped and after two attempts I was finally in the air.
I also could not stop the engine between take offs because pullstarter's string broke and when the engine started I was left with the handle in my hand. Funny feeling.
In the air we felt last thermal kicks but it was very pleasant after all. We have gone a few kilometers to the west to explore the area then climbed our usual ridge and come back home. 80 minutes in a little bumpy air and testing paramotor after engine out on the way back. I also flew over the field where I had emergency landing&take off last weekend. Happy and tired I was on the way back home about 6 p.m.
Canon G15 is very nice camera. I have small hands so it is easy to use it even with gloves on. Picture quality is amazing - this is what I was looking for.

Our trip, almost 40km:

Wasp paramotor with vario, GPS, SPOT and compass:

Brett is leading to the west:

Brett again:

Such a nice afternoon!

Heading south, dodgy area for emergency landing:

Heading east, this is west end of the ridge:

Houses, houses, houses...

I love those long shadows:

Someones home on the edge of the ridge:

View to the north-east. Sydney on the horizon:  


Field stroked with red is the one where I had emergency landing last weekend:

Brett after landing packing his wing:

Construction site: 

Just before sunset the fog started to appear:

Red-blue sunset in the end of amazing flying day:

Brett and his Nirvana Rodeo:

This is what I found when doing after flight inspection:

$20 later it was welded in the local car station.

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