Thursday 11 July 2013

RPM Meter - Spider MIni

RPM meter for paramotoring

Spider released mini RPM meter to paramotor engines (and other two stroke engines).

This device is not only measuring RPM it is also counting the current air time and total air time. Leszek have had this device for a few months. He has been testing it with different motors and now he decided to share his thoughts with us.

The RPM measurements look stable even when working with engines which generate severe electrical interference.

Spider paramotor RPM meter

  • 6-15V Input
  • 100-20 000 RPM range 
  • Number of impulses per rotation 2/1, 2/3, 3/1, 4/1
  • Current airtime max 10h
  • Total airtime max 1000h
  • Size 34x90x13 mm

Two alarms are build in:
  • When exceeding time of holding constant RPM
  • When exceeding the total time limit

These two alarms can be used in different ways. First one can be used when we are running-in the engine. Second one can be used for servicing purposes like spark plug replacement etc.

Pros of this device:

  • Long battery life (there was no need to replace the battery yet)
  • Useful additional functionality
  • Wide range of RPM
  • Stable measurements
  • Intuitive menu
  • LED alarm
  • small size

Installation is based on two steps. First one is to attach the device to the paramotor frame with zip-ties or double sided tape. Second step is to wrap spider's cable around the high voltage cable (spark plug cable).

The manufacturer claims that the device has been tested by different kind of users (quad riders, mini wind mill owners etc.). They reviews are good and the manufacturer is happy to support them.

This article is a translation on Leszek's Klich article.

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