Saturday 17 November 2012

2012/11/11 Woonona Paramotoring


The Saturday the 10th of November was very enjoyable.
I spent the whole day in Woonona. In the morning I had nice paramotor flight about 10am when the wind was not too strong. In the air I realised that the wind has picked up and the landing was with zero ground speed (trimmers fully closed, my mistake).
Next few hours I spend on the beach walking, swimming in the ocean and sunbathing. I had plenty of time to do total pre/post flight check of my paramotor. Everything was good.
In the afternoon when the wind has dropped again I had three paramotor flights. Very nice scenery, warm air, sun, ocean and friendly people made this day.
Eventually tired but very happy I was on my way back to Sydney about 8pm.

2012/11/10 PPG in Woonona from lukastu on Vimeo.

Me putting together the paramotor:
Myself putting together paramotor WASP and Synthesis paraglider

Paramotor ready to go, Synthesis in the background:
Paramotoring PPG in Woonona the whole day with WASP paramotor

South Woonona beach:
Very nice views from the paramotor paraglider over Woonona

Woonona swimming pool, parking and taking-off site:
Wasp paramotor and Lukasz Studniarz over Woonona NSW Australia

Beautiful beach:
Beach and rescure crew flags seen from paramotor wasp and synthesis paraglider piloted by Lukasz Studniarz in NSW Australia

Another picture of Woonona swimming pool B&W this time:
Swimming pool in Woonona seen from the paramotor wasp and dudek synthesis wing piloted by Lukasz Studniarz in NSW Australia

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